Click here for information, work lists, sound samples, scores and information about selected composers whose works we represent. Our catalogues cover a broad spectrum of contemporary and classical music from Finland and the Baltic. We also represent works by Shostakovich, Prokofieff and Khachaturian in Finland.

Anniversary list

Pehr Henrik Nordgren: 80th anniversary of birth on 19 January
Kalevi Aho: 75 on 9. March
Harri Suilamo: 70 on 22 March
Pekka Kostiainen: 80 on 16 March
Harri Wessman: 75 on 29 March
Antti Auvinen: 50 on 3 May 
Harri Viitanen: 70 on 27 December
Esa Pietilä: 60 on 9 December

Matthew Whittall: 50 on 21 January
Erkki Melartin: 150th anniversary of birth on 7. February
Aulis Sallinen: 90 on 9 April
Olli Koskelin: 70 on 16 April
Seppo Pohjola: 60 on 4 May
Olli Kortekangas: 70 on 16. May
Veli-Matti Puumala: 60 on 18 July
Jukka Linkola: 70 on 21. July
Pekka Jalkanen: 80 on 5. September
Pasi Lyytikäinen: 50 on 2 October
Timo-Juhani Kyllönen: 70 on 1 December

Eero Hämeenniemi: 75 on 29 April
Victoria Yagling: 80th anniversary of birth on 14 May
Sulho Ranta: 125th anniversary of birth on 15. August

Harri Vuori: 70 on 10 January 
Herman Rechberger: 80th anniversary of birth on 14. February
Kirmo Lintinen: 60 on 16 May 
Helvi Leiviskä: 125th anniversary of birth on 25. May
Fridrich Bruk: 90 on 18 September

Lars Karlsson: 75 on 24. January
Kai Nieminen: 75 on 17. March
Mikko Heiniö: 80 on 18. May
Einojuhani Rautavaara: centenary of birth on 9 October

Repertoire tips

Violin Concertos & Works for Chorus and Orchestra
Exciting, new repertoire for orchestra
Works for Voice with orchestra/ensemble
Piano suites & sonatas
Music for children and families
Recent concertos for woodwind
Symphonies: some recent and older gems
Works for piano trios, quartets and quintets
Works for male choir
Works for string soloists and orchestra 
Topical operas
Music inspired by the sea or water
String quartets
Works for smaller-sized orchestra
Works for smaller-sized orchestra (1/2)
Works by female composers
Works for ensemble
Fresh concert starters

Music for percussion
21th century works for strings
Solo concertos for brass instruments
Music for Christmas

Works for descant choir
Nordic works for guitar
Music for children
Encore pieces for orchestra

Wind and brass ensembles        
Chamber operas    
Concertos for several soloists or concertante groups
Concert pieces for organ
21th century works for mixed choir

Works for ensemble
Song cycles
Works for trumpet and orchestra
21st century works for solo piano
Works for saxophone and orchestra

Works for chamber orchestra
Chamber music with piano

Some 21st century symphonies

Works for wind and brass bands
Choral works with orchestra
Cello concertos
Selected piano concertos

Gems for voice and orchestra
21th century string quartets 
Choral highlights
Violin concertos
Works for string orchestra
Nordic clarinet concertos
Fresh concert starters