Järnefelt, Armas


Armas Järnefelt (1869-1958) was a composer and conductor. He studied under Martin Wegelius and Ferruccio Busoni in Helsinki in 1887–90, with Albert Becker in Berlin in 1890 and with Jules Massenet in Paris in 1893–04. After minor conducting posts in Germany he became conductor of the Viipuri Municipal Orchestra. Following guest engagements at the Helsinki and Stockholm opera houses and a year as director of the Helsinki Music Institute in 1906–07, he settled in Stockholm as conductor of the Royal Opera. In 1910, on his additional appointment as court conductor, he took Swedish nationality. In 1923 he became the Royal Opera’s principal conductor.

Armas Järnefelt returned to Finland as director of the Finnish National Opera, and later became conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra (1942–43). He was an authoritative interpreter of Sibelius, whose wife, Aino Sibelius, was Järnefelt’s sister.

His own works are Romantic in style, often with a national basis. They include the short but charming Berceuse and Praeludium, both for small orchestra, which became exceedingly popular and are still frequently heard in concert programs. Other orchestral works include his symphonic poem Korsholm (1984), Suite for Small Orchestra (1895), Suite in E Flat Major (1897) and Symphonic Fantasy (1895) which have been recorded by the Lahti Symphony on BIS label.

Järnefelt has also composed a wealth of vocal music . His songs spring from the National-Romantic ethos and the folk-like elements of his youthful songs were in time joined by Impressionistic and in places even Expressionistic timbres.


Aallon kehtolaulu / Der Welle Wiegenlied

The Wave's Lullaby

for medium voice and orchestra


Duration: 4

Aamulla varhain (Early in the Morning)

for string orchestra

str(with vl solo)

Duration: 4



for violin and string orchestra


Duration: 8



for orchestra


Duration: 3

Du / Sinä


for high voice and orchestra


Duration: 1

En drömmares sång till livet

Uneksijan laulu elämälle (Dreamer's Song to Life) (1940)

for high voice and orchestra


Duration: 4

Festouverture [D Major]

Juhla-alkusoitto Kansallisteatterin vihkiäisiin [D-duuri] (1902)

for orchestra

3(I=picc).2.2.2- Perc: Campanelli, Tamburo, Tamburino, Triangolo, Piatti, Gran cassa

Duration: 8

Isänmaan kasvot

arr. Ilkka Kuusisto

for baritone and orchestra


Duration: 3

Isänmaan kasvot. Kantaatti


Cantata for soprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra


Duration: 25

Korsholm (Korsholma)


for orchestra

3(III+picc)222-433(III=btrb)1-12-hp-str Percussione: Snare drum, Gran cassa, Piatti, Tamtam, Triangolo

Duration: 13


Melodrama 1901 (?)

for narrator and ochestra

2(I&II+picc)1(+ca)21-2210-03(/4)-str Perc: Tamburino, Gran cassa, Piatti, Campanelli, Triangolo

Duration: 15

Miranda - Suite

for Orchestra from the music of the Melodrama (1901/2021)

2(I&II+picc)1(+ca)21-2210-03(/4)-str Perc: Tamburino, Gran cassa, Piatti, Campanelli, Triangolo

Duration: 12

Ouverture lyrique

Lyyrinen alkusoitto (1892)

for orchestra


Duration: 11

Pastorale [Pastoraali]


for orchestra


Duration: 6


for orchestra


Duration: 3



for orchestra


Duration: 30

Solsken / Sonnenschein


for high voice and orchestra

1121-2000-hp-str [F major]

Duration: 2

Suite for Small Orchestra

Sarja pienelle orkesterille (1895)

for orchestra


Duration: 15

Suite in E flat Major [Kleine Suite]

Sarja Es-duuri [Pieni sarja] (1897-98)

for orchestra


Duration: 21

Symphonic Fantasy

Sinfoninen fantasia (1895)

for orchestra


Duration: 20


for voice and orchestra

Duration: 0