“The success of Colourstrings has proved that this innovative teaching method can have a strong and encouraging impact on musical learning.” Esa-Pekka Salonen, Music Director

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The Starter pack #1 contains Minifiddlers 1st year videos for 12 months, the Violin ABC Book A and the Duettini Book.
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The Colourstrings® method developed by Géza and Csaba Szilvay has become known world over and it is widely used in string teaching across the globe. The Colourstrings Violin ABC is the first violin method that covers tutors and repertoire from the first steps until professional studies. It uses colours and visual presentations to make playing joyful and to ease the learning process from the very first steps – without compromising high pedagogical standards. This child-friendly method is also ideally suited for group teaching by adapting the instrumental studies to meet children’s needs. A high number of Colourstrings students have won international acclaim and become professionals as a result of this motivating method.

Colourstrings approach to instrumental teaching is also used in the Cello ABC Books as well as in the Viola and Double Bass tutors. It has also inspired other pedagogues, and resulted in several teaching materials for other instruments: piano (Colour Keys), flute (Colour Flute), clarinet (Colourclarinet) and guitar (Guitar ABC).

“Two Hungarian brothers, adapting Kodály’s choral method of music education to strings, have maintained an uninterrupted flow of superbly disciplined players – young fiddlers on the roof of the world – whose warmth of corporate tone would melt the heart of the snow queen.” Michael Tumulty

“I made efforts to eliminate those instrumental, technical, musical and theoretical difficulties that so often affect the early years of violin playing.” Géza Szilvay

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