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Harri Wessman: “Life is a privilege”
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Focus on Harri Wessman

Harri Wessman (born 29 March 1949) is interested in all expressive aspects of music without ignoring the possibilities of melody. His output is dominated by chamber and vocal music and during recent years pedagogical music has become a more and more central area in his output with an emphasis on creating repertoire for budding musicians, from beginners to young professionals. Wessman’s aim is to produce repertoire for all instruments at all grade levels of Finnish music institutes. Below some examples of his pieces with links leading to our web shop.

Five Trombone Pieces for Minna Kajander 
Five Horn Pieces for Jenni Kuronen
Five Piano Etudes for Tiina Karakorpi
Five Trumpet Pieces for Alevtina Parland 
Five Double Bass Pieces for Amanda Thieme
Pan and the Nymph Pitys for flute and guitar
Three Caprices for Konstantin Weitz  for solo violin

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