Highlights 2-2024 contents:

Olli Kortekangas and the power of the human voice
5 questions for Emmy Lindström and Matthew Peterson
Repertoire tips – new chamber works
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Focus on Olli Kortekangas

Kortekangas’ oeuvre consists of more than 100 works from solo pieces and chamber music to orchestral works and operas. Since his early days as a choral singer, Kortekangas has been attracted to the human voice. He has written several stage works; among the most recent ones are Elämänkuvat (Pictures of Life), a church opera premiered at the Korsholm Music Festival in 2019 and commissioned by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Other stage works include the Ende und Beginn and the monologue opera Koria täti. Apart from that Kortekangas has written a wealth of choral music and chamber music.
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