They Colourstrings violin duos by László Rossa and Géza Szilvay were created as additional material for the Colourstrings method but they can also be used independently. The pieces are based on folk songs from all over the world, pioneeringly arranged by the Hungarian composer Rossa. The duos are designed to give children a taste of the enjoyment of playing together and offer plenty of inspiring material. They can also be played by violin groups. There are also duos for violin and cello.

Chamber Music for Young String Players provides supplementary material for the Colourstrings method for 3 violins and cello ad lib.

The pieces of Violin / Cello Rascals 1 use a maxiumum of five notes, starting with two notes and increasing to pentachord melodies. Pieces make use of flageolet harmonics on open strings. The violin or cello parts are available separately.

The melodies of Violin / Cello Rascals 2 make use of basic rhythm patterns and their combinations. Starting with the melodies of five notes, in the end the notes of major and natural minor scale are in use. Only easy fingering combinations are needed. Bowing technique is developed through the repeated changes of string, détaché being the principal bowing style used. The violin or cello parts are available separately.

Violin / Cello Rascals 3 includes widely known folk songs. It is also designed to bring young violinists and cellists extra seasonal joy by adding to their repertoire concert pieces to perform at Christmas. This volume concentrates on left-hand fingering technique, introducing the third finger pattern (third finger raised), giving a wealth of related exercises and making a wider use of flageolet notes (harmonics). The violin or cello parts are available separately.

Duettini for two violins by László Rossa and Géza Szilvay is used alongside with the Colourstrings Violin books A and B. It brings along chamber music from the very beginning. In these 15 miniature duos the easy first violin part is taken from the Book A and consists of only open strings and natural harmonics. The first violin part is to be played by the beginner, whilst the second violin part is intended for an advanced pupil or the teacher. To aid the reading the first violin part appears with child-friendly coloured and large notation, as well as with traditional notation.

Sonatini for violin and piano by László Rossa and Géza Szilvay presents 17 concert pieces with compelling piano part. The melodies of the violin part are taken from the four first volumes of the Colourstrings Violin Books (A-D). The violin part is printed in two ways: with child-friendly coloured and large notation and with traditional notation. The piano accompaniment book is available separately. 

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