Kyllönen, Timo-Juhani


Timo-Juhani Kyllönen (born 1 December 1955) studied at the Gnesin Institute in Moscow, obtaining diplomas in the accordion, orchestral conducting and pedagogics. He then continued at the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, studying composition, instrumentation and counterpoint with Aleksei NikolayevYuri Fortunatov and Aleksander Chugayev.

Kyllönen is a prolific composer who has composed a large number of works including orchestral and chamber music, vocal and choral works. The core of his oeuvre consists of chamber, choral and vocal pieces for various combinations of voices and instruments. His aim is to communicate with people, and his music is indeed marked by a natural mode of expression in which melody often plays an important part.

His works include several operas such as Tango Solo, a monologue opera in Spanish set in Buenos Aires by Night, premiered in 2011. Among his orchestral works are Lichtenthal (1998), the Accordion Concerto (2001), Concerto grosso (2002), Amor vivus for baritone and orchestra (2007), Missa festiva (2008), Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra ‘Cadiz’ (2012) and the Marimba Concerto (2017). One of his latest works is the monologue opera Ilona Irti (Release the Joy) Op. 100 to the libretto by Leena Lehtolainen. It was premiered at the Organ Night and Aria festival in Espoo on 18 August 2022 by soprano Aurora Marthens and the Trio Roozeman. You can watch the complete opera here.

Many of Kyllönen’s works have won an established position in the repertoire of musicians and choirs both in Finland and abroad. Concerts of his works have been given in New York, Moscow, Paris, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Peru, Brazil and Cuba. His music has also been widely performed in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and Latin America. Kyllönen has taught music theory, composition and chamber music at the Sibelius Academy since 1986. He is also an active musician and choral conductor.

Accordion Concerto


for accordion and orchestra

solo accordion + 2222-2210-12-str Perc.I: Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone Perc. II: 2 Wood-blocks, Triangolo, Castagnettes, Claves, Snare Drum, Slide stick, Cymbal, Bongos, Cow bell, Tom-toms, Bass drum, Vibraslap, Congas, Bell tree

Duration: 22

Amor vivus


for baritone and orchestra

2222-4230-11-str Percussione: Xilofono, Marimba, Vibrafono, Glockenspiel, Snare-drum, Vibra-slap, 2 Cymbals, Triangolo, Tam-tam, 2 Bongos, Congas, Guiro, 2 Woodblocksm Bell-tree, Cow-bell, Cuica, Claves, Roto-toms

Duration: 24



for string orchestra


Duration: 17

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra "Cadiz 2012"

(2012) Perc. I:Tubular bells, Vibraphone, Xylophone Perc. II: Triangle, Castagnettes, 2 Wood-blocks, Claves, 2 Congas, 3 Bongos, Snare-drum, Bass-drum

Duration: 0

Concerto grosso


for violin and orchestra

solo violin + 2222-2210-12-str

Duration: 16



Chamber opera in 11 scenes

1011-0000-02-pf-str(min.11111) 6 roles (S-MS-2T-Bar-B) Libretto (in Spanish) by Maritza Núñez. English translation by David Graham-Young.

Duration: 80

Ilona irti

monologue opera (libretto: Leena Lehtolainen) (2018-20)

for soprano and piano trio

pf, vl, vlc

Duration: 60


Symphonic Poem for Orchestra (1998)


Duration: 18

Missa festiva


for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra

0000-0000-12-str Percussione: Glockenspiel, Vibrafono, Marimba, Cymbals, 2 Wood-blocks, Triangolo, 3 Bongos, 2 Congos, Snare-drum

Duration: 31

Tango solo

Opera de Camara en 13 actos

Chamber opera for soprano and instrumental ensemble

Soloist: soprano flauto, accordeon, pianoforte, string quartet

Duration: 54

Concerto for Accordion and Symphony Orchestra No. 1
St. Petersburg State Academic Capella SO, cond. Alexander Chernushenko, sol. Matti Rantanen (accordion) (Alba ABCD 256)

St. Petersburg State Academic Capella SO, cond. Alexander Chernushenko (Alba ABCD 256)