Klami, Uuno


Uuno Klami (20 September 1900 – 29 May 1961) became one of the leading Finnish Modernists during the 1920s. His main genre was orchestral music, and he experimented widely with his orchestration, combining national themes with international trends. His studies took him to Paris and Vienna, and Parisian influences are particularly marked in his musical language. He admired the orchestral sound of Ravel and was also influenced by Stravinsky.

Klami is one of the most frequent names on the Finnish concert programme, with his Kalevala Suite, Sea Pictures and other orchestral works. He also wrote popular overtures, such as those to King Lear and The Cobblers on the Heath, the latter virtually having the last word on the use of humour in this genre. One of his greatest works is the oratorio Psalmus (1936) for soprano, baritone, choir and orchestra.

Klami also wrote works for soloist and orchestra, among them the Cheremissian Fantasy (1931) for cello and orchestra and the Violin Concerto (1943/54). During the 1950s he worked on the ballet Whirls (Pyörteitä) featuring characters from the national epic, the Kalevala, but he never finished it. Kalevi Aho has since orchestrated the first Act and composed a third Act, Symphonic Dances. Hommage à Uuno Klami.

During recent years Fennica Gehrman has published a wealth of Klami’s previously unpublished pieces. They include the Sonata in C Minor for violin and piano, Sonata in B Flat Minor for viola and piano, Berceuse & Laulelma for violin and piano, Piano Trio in F Sharp Minor, Souvenir for violin and string ensemble as well as Valses lentes et amoureuses for string orchestra and piano. Uuno Klami’s piano works are available in a complete collection, and his pieces have also been arranged for organ by Esa Ylönen.

Aurora borealis

4(I=picc.IV+picc).3.3(III=clb).3(III=cfg)- Perc: Gran cassa, Campanelli, Triangolo, Tambour de basque, Piatti, Tam-tam

Duration: 20

Cheremissian Fantasy [Original version]

Tseremissiläinen fantasia (1931)

for violoncello and orchestra

2222(II+cfg)-4231-13-pf.cel-str Percussion: Snare drum, Cymbals, Bass drum

Duration: 12

Cheremissian Fantasy [Radio Orchestra version]

Tseremissiläinen fantasia [radio-orkesteriversio] (1931)

for violoncello and orchestra


Duration: 12

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

(1943 rev 1954)

for violin and orchestra


Duration: 28

Four Finnish Folksongs [FOR SALE ONLY]

Neljä suomalaista kansanlaulua (1930)

for piano and string orchestra


Duration: 11

Hommage à Haendel


for piano and string orchestra

str (vl1, vl2, vla, vc)

Duration: 17

Kalevala Suite

Kalevala-sarja (1932 rev 1943)

for orchestra

3(III=picc)3(III=ca)3(III=bcl)3(III=cfg)-4431-13-hp-str Percussion: Snare drum, Bass drum, Cymbals, Tam-tam, Bells, Xylophone, Triangle Movements: 1. The Creation of the Earth / Maan synty 7’ 2. The Sprout of Spring / Kevään oras 5’ 3. Terhenniemi 7’ 4. Cradle Song for Lemminkäinen / Kehtolaulu Lemminkäiselle 6’ 5. Forging the Sampo / Sammon taonta 7’

Duration: 30

Kalevala Suite [arr. Seppälä]

Kalevala-sarja [sov. puhallinorkesterille Seppälä]

for concert band


Duration: 30

Karelian Rhapsody

Karjalainen rapsodia (1927)

for orchestra

4(I&II=picc).3(III=c.ing).3.3(III+c.fag)-4431-12-2hp-cel-str Perc.I: Tamburo militare, Campanelli, Triangolo II: Piatti, Gran cassa, Tam-tam

Duration: 14

Karjalainen prazniekka


for string orchestra and piano

pf-str(+vl+vc solos)

Duration: 2

Karjalainen tori - Alkusoitto orkesterille

Karelian Marketplace - Overture for orchestra

3(III=picc).2.3(III=bcl).2-4.4(I&II=crnt).3.1-1.3(Campanelli, Silofono, Triangolo, Tamburo, Tam-tam)-hp-str

Duration: 12

King Lear Overture

Kuningas Lear alkusoitto (1946)

for orchestra


Duration: 15

Kuvia maalaiselämästä


for orchestra

2(II+picc).2.2(II+escl).2-2.2(=crt+tr).1.1-1.2(Campanelli, Triangolo, Tamburo militare, Piatti e cassa)-pf-str 1. Odotus (Dans l'attente) 2. V.P.K:n marssi (Marche des Sapeurs-pompiers) 3. Odotus (Dans l'attente) 4. Puhe (Discours) 5. Intermezzo 6. Iltatunnelma (Atmosphère du soir)

Duration: 12

Maan synty / The Creation of the Earth

from Kalevala Suite

for orchestra

Duration: 7



for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra

2222-4231-12-org(ad lib.)-str Percussion: Glockenspiel, Snare drum, Cymbals, Bass drum, Tam-tam

Duration: 50


Ballet in three acts

Duration: 0

Pyörteitä. Näytös I (ork. Kalevi Aho)

Whirls. Act I (orch. Kalevi Aho) (1957-60)

for orchestra

3(I+picc,fl.alto).3(III+c.ing).3(III=cl.b).3(III=c.fag)- Perc.I: Campane tubulare, Xilofono, Tamburino, Piatti a 2, 2 Piatti sospesi, 2 triangeli Perc. II: Campanelli, Tamburo piccolo, Gran cassa, 3 Almglocken Perc,. III: Tam-tam (medium e grande), 2 Incudini, Sonagli, Triangolo, Piatto, Tamburo militare

Duration: 33

Pyörteitä. Näytös II / Whirls. 2nd Act

Ballet music for orchestra


Duration: 42

Sea Pictures

Merikuvia (1930-32)

for orchestra

2222(II+cbn)-4231-11-hp-pf-str Percussion: Snare drum, Bass drum, Susp.cym, Tam-tam

Duration: 22

Sea Pictures [arr. Pasi-Heikki Mikkola] SALES MAT.


for wind band


Duration: 22

Sea Pictures. 3 Bf (Tunnelma merellä) / Force 3

/teoksesta Merikuvia (arr.Saksa)

for wind band

2(II+picc).1.6(IV=altosax,V=tenorsax,VI=barsax).2(II+c.fag) - 4.4.(I&II=cornetti).3.1.baritono - 1.2 (Cassa, Piatti, Tamtam)

Duration: 6

Sea Pictures.The Deserted Three-Master [arr Saksa]

Merikuvia. Hylätty kolmimastoinen [arr. Saksa]

for wind band

2.2.6(V=altosax,VI=tenorsax).1 - - 10

Duration: 6

Sea Pictures: Force 3 / 3 Bf

Movement no. 6 from the suite (1930)

for orchestra

2(II+picc)222(II+cfg)-4231-12-hp-str Perc: Gran cassa (con piatto), Tam-tam

Duration: 6

Song of the Watch / Vahtimiehen laulu [arr.Saksa]

From Sea Pictures / sarjasta Merikuvia

for wind band


Duration: 3

Suite for Small Orchestra Op. 37

2(II+picc).2.2.2- & tamburo basco)-hp-str I Sérénade II Intermezzo III Marche militaire

Duration: 14

Suomenlinna - Overture


for orchestra

2(II+picc)222-4331-12-hp-str Percussione: Tamburo, Piatti, Triangolo

Duration: 12

Symphonie enfantine


for small orchestra

12(II=ca)11-1100-11-hp-str Percussione: Tamburo basco

Duration: 17

The Cobblers on the Heath Overture

Nummisuutarit - alkusoitto (1936)

for orchestra


Duration: 8

The Cyclist - Rondo

Pyöräilijä - Rondo (1946)

for orchestra


Duration: 7