Vuori, Harri


Harri Vuori (b. 10 January 1957 in Lahti, Finland) studied composition with Paavo HeininenEero Hämeenniemi and Einojuhani Rautavaara at the Sibelius Academy and graduated in 1989. He has been composer in residence of the Hyvinkää Orchestra and has also taught in the Department of Musicology at the University of Helsinki.

Vuori regards the orchestra as a vast source of potential inspiration, and his orchestral works are dominated by rich timbres, radiant colours and the use of spectral harmony. He has travelled a long way from the Neoclassicism of his youth, via the Modernist experiments of his student days to his present idiom infused with colour. The first manifestations of his mature orchestral style were Kri (1988), S-wüt (1991) and The Mandelbrot Echoes (1995).

From the mid-1990s onwards Harri Vuori has also composed more chamber music, such as the violin sonata Towards the AzureBeyond for chamber ensemble, Didgeridoo for tuba and piano and Invitation to the Nocturnal Dance for two viols and harpsichord. He also wrote a set of four Shakespeare songs From Day to Dream for tenor and viol. Also in the same chamber music vein have been Galdr for bass clarinet and French horn, the flute quartet Twilight Songsters (Hämärän laulajat) and the flute-clarinet sonata Grey Owl (Harmaa pöllö).

The intensive chamber music period was followed by a return to large ensembles in the orchestral Over the MoonUnder the Sun (Ylitse kuun, alitse päivän, 2002) representing the familiar, picturesque Vuori steeped in lush colour, and Mythic Images, which is a sinfonietta. The First Symphony (2003) was a commission from the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. It is impressive music constructed in broad arches culminating in shamanistic rhythms in the closing movement. Lasting 40 minutes, it is Vuori’s biggest work to date. The Second Symphony was premiered in November 2007 by the Hyvinkää Orchestra. It includes astoundingly glittering “spatial” music combined with symphonic grandeur. Vuori has also written concertos: a Bass Clarinet Concerto and a Saxophone Concerto.

His orchestral works also include Die Flöte der Sonne (2007) for voice and orchestra and Elfenmusik (2009), a five-movement suite with all the magic and colour of a fairytale, seasoned with a pinch of the darker sides of the fairytale world. Recent works include Kalliomaalaus (Rock Painting, 2014) inspired by old rock paintings Vuori has been to see in various parts of Southern Finland. It is set on poetry by Eeva Tikka, and the work is not a conventional song cycle but a melodrama for narrator and chamber ensemble. Vuori has also composed Lentoon (To Fly, 2015) for string orchestra as well as a guitar concerto Ctulhu’s Dreams (2016) based on the mythology by H.P. Lovecraft. The concerto was commissioned by the Lappeenranta City Orchestra and premiered in 2016.

Vuori has also composed pedagogical music such as the piano collection Aikakone (Time Machine) – a suite of charming pieces for young piano students.



for chamber orchestra and tape

101(+cl.b)00-1000-01-string quartet

Duration: 7

Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra



Duration: 20

Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra


for alto saxophone and orchestra

1111-2100-02-harpsichord-electric organ-pf-str

Duration: 18

Cthulhu's Dreams

Concerto for guitar and orchestra (2016)

guitar solo, orchestra


Duration: 23

Die Elfenmusik


for orchestra


Duration: 0

Die Flöte der Sonne


for low voice or high voice and orchestra


Duration: 5

Interrupted Movements / Lopetetut liikkeet


for female voice and chamber orchestra


Duration: 11


lausujalle ja kahdeksalle soittajalle (2014)

for recitor and eight instruments

recit.solo (male) + 001(+bcl)1 - 1000 - str(11111)

Duration: 18



for orchestra


Duration: 16


To Fly, To Fly (2015)

for 18 strings


Duration: 0

Mythic Images / Myyttisiä kuvia


for orchestra


Duration: 20

Over Moon, Under Day / Ylitse kuun, alitse päivän


for orchestra


Duration: 16



for orchestra


Duration: 22

Symphony No. 1


for orchestra


Duration: 40

Symphony No. 2


for orchestra

2(II+picc)22(II+cl.b)2-2210-02-hp-pf-str Percussion: Bell-tree, Chimes, Flexaton, Glockenspiel, Gran cassa, Marimba, Piatto, Tam-tam, Tubular bells, Timpani, Vibraphone, Wood-blocks, Xylophone

Duration: 35

The Mandelbrot Echoes / Mandelbrotin kaiut


for orchestra


Duration: 11

Finnish RSO/Leif Segerstam
(Ondine Records CD-867-2)

Over the Moon, Under the Day
Hyvinkää Orchestra/Tuomas Pirilä
(HOR CD-621)

Symphony No. 2 (IV Appassionato, extract)
Hyvinkää Orchestra/Tuomas Pirilä
(Toccata TOCC 0087)

Guitar concerto Ctulhu’s Dreams
1st movement
Movement 2
Movements 3-4
Lappeenranta CO, so. Jyrki Myllärinen

1st movement ‘Durchsichtig’
Hyvinkää Orchestra/Tuomas Pirilä