Jalkanen, Pekka


Pekka Jalkanen (born on 5 September, 1945) is one of the few minimalists in Finland. He studied composition under Erkki Salmenhaara and first became known as a composer of children’s music for radio and TV. Since then he has composed a wealth of works for ranging from string music and chamber pieces to vocal music.

He has been interested in the music of the Romani people and folk music, and many his works have a certain affinity with primitivism and folk music, e.g. The Serf of Viro (Viron orja, for two solo violins and orchestra, 1980) which is one of the best-known examples of Finnish minimalism. His works for children include The Trip to Panama (Oi ihana Panama, 1989), a charming musical fable for narrator and ensemble, based on the text by Janosch. Other works include the Russian Concerto for chamber orchestra dating from 2008.

Jalkanen is also an accomplished musicologists, having earned Ph.D. in the subject. He is docent of musicology at the University of Tampere.

Russian Concerto

Venäläinen konsertto (2006)

for chamber orchestra


Duration: 25

Taivaallisen härän tappo

Slaying the Heavenly Ox (2008)

for instrumental ensemble

1000-0000-02-kantele-str(11111) Perc. 1: Toaca Perc. 2: Gran cassa

Duration: 13

The Serf of Viro

Viron orja (1980)

for 2 violins and string orchestra


Duration: 7

The Trip to Panama. Musical Fable

Oi ihana Panama / Våra drömmars land (1989)

for narrator, treble recorder, harpsichord and instrumental ensemble

treble recorder, harpsichord fl/afl/2perc/str(44321)

Duration: 28