Žibuoklė Martinaitytė: Works for brass ensembles


Osmosis for brass sextet (3trp-3trb)

Osmosis (2015) is scored for three trumpets and three tenor trombones. The instruments of the 12-minute-work are in osmotic relationships: various degrees of assimilation happen through the subtle variances of rhythmic or melodic contours that often create unified textures where the entire brass ensemble is functioning as one huge organism, breathing in and out simultaneously and playing identical patterns. At times the “well functioning” homogenous sound machine breaks down and then starts anew with changing harmonic relationships between the instruments. Buy now

Louder-Quieter for brass trio (2trb-tb)

Louder-Quieter (2014) for alto trombone, tenor trombone and tuba is a study of dynamics for brass where the principle of crescendo and diminuendo is applied for sustained and pulsing tones or for their ever-changing succession. Constantly emerging dynamic waves of various durations emulate an illusory play of light and shadows. Buy now