Timo Alakotila: Chamber music


Composer, musician Timo Alakotila (b. 1959) is a distinguished, active and versatile talent in the Finnish music scene whose long career working with different genres of music – folk music in particular – has been ground-breaking. Alakotila’s works showcase his versatility: he has produced highly acclaimed classical music compositions and arrangements for Pekka and Jaakko Kuusisto, the Meta4 quartet, the Kamus and Tempera quartets, Eeva Oksala, Dalia Stasevska and Jorma Hynninen, among others.

Kangastuksia – Illusions for flute, violin, violoncello & piano

Kangastuksia – Illusions is written for young talented musicians at Hyvinkää Music Institute in 2006. The fresh combination of flute, violin, violoncello and piano was given by the commissioner. In two movements Illusions offers dreamy vibes as well as constantly changing key signatures considerable speed. Buy now

String quartet no. 4

Alakotila’s fourth string quartet (2022) was premiered by Tempera Quartet. In its four movements the work combines the rich sound of the classical string quartet with rhythms and idioms of Finnish folk music. The titles of the movements decribe the journey (Quest – Joy – Direction – Resolution). Buy now