Sulho Ranta: Works for voice & piano (PDF)


Sulho Ranta (1901–1960) had a great impact on the musical scene in Finland in the dawn of Modernism. His atonal and modern idiom transformed into more traditional towards the 1930’s, but as a writer he remained always a proponent of contemporary music.
Kolme kiinalaista runoa (Three Chinese Poems) for voice, flute & piano op. 53 is a suite of three songs set to ancient Chinese poems translated into Finnish by Eino Tikkanen. Includes the flute part.
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Kolme Nocturnea Elina Vaaran sanoihin (Three Nocturnes to texts by Elina Vaara) for voice & piano op. 37 includes songs Kuun alla, Ennen syntymääs & Yö meren rannalla.
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