Juha T. Koskinen: String Quartets 2 & 3


On the 50th birthday of Juha T Koskinen we are proud to publish two of his string quartets.
String quartet no. 2 "Under a Ginkgo Tree in Tiergarten" (2014) is, according to the composer, connected to great changes in his personal life: "A few months after the score was finished, I became a father. The musical key moment is found at the very end of the work. Holy Night allusions are embedded to the finale of the work – con tenerezza, with tenderness." Buy now
In String quartet no. 3 (2022) the responsiveness to timbre and particular interest to the musical dramaturgy are important. The aim is "to provide the listener with clear musical marks, using which one can navigate on the ocean of one’s own mind." Buy now