Jean Sibelius: New Christmas editions


Viisi joululaulua – Fem julsånger – Five Christmas Songs op. 1 for voice and piano
The long-awaited Urtext edition (2023) of Jean Sibelius’ Five Christmas Songs op. 1 for voice and piano is based on the critical edition presented in the volume VIII/2 Works for Solo Voice Vol. 2 of Jean Sibelius Works (JSW) edited by Jukka Tiilikainen. The lyrics are included in Swedish, Finnish and English.

En etsi valtaa, loistoa / Giv mig ej guld, ej glans, ej prakt for descant choir  (soon available)
The best known and most beloved of these five songs is Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt (We ask for Nothing Rich or Rare, 1909) which exists in various choral arrangements. This product includes three versions for descant choir: SSAA (G major), SSA (F major) and SA (G major). The texts are in Finnish and in Swedish. The edition is based on the complete critical edition “Jean Sibelius Works” (JSW).