Helvi Leiviskä: Chamber music works


Helvi Leiviskä (1902-1982) created a broad-based output of orchestral works, solo songs and chamber music. Her style could be described as moderate modernism, deriving influences from multiple sources such as late Romanticism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Existentialism and Neo-Classicism. Leiviskä’s output is characterised by philosophical and religious themes, images of nature and narrative structures. Many of her works focus on human existential angst and spiritual searching and growth.
Piano Quartet is considered one of the cornerstones of her chamber music output. It is published for the first time 2022 with an extensive foreword by Susanna Välimäki. Duration 25 min. Buy now
Piano Trio is a powerful, youthful work that impresses with its direct expression, its affective potential and its profound sonority. Duration 19 min. Buy now
Sonata for violin and piano in G minor op. 21 (1945) is a grand, passionate quest narrative. Lasting about 25 minutes, it is as demanding as a virtuoso concerto: most of its texture is like an extended cadenza, with expansive leaps, arpeggios, double stops and extensive use of the high register. Buy now