Erik Tulindberg (reconstr. by Anssi Mattila): String quartets Nos. 1–6


Erik Tulindberg (1761-1814) is considered to be the first composer in Finland. His musical reputation spread all the way to Stockholm (as Finland was then part of Sweden), and he served the majority of his life as a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music.

Tulindberg wrote six string quartets which were long thought to be lost. In 1923 the handwritten parts were discovered in the collections of Helsinki University Library, however they were incomplete: not only is the whole of the II violin part missing but the first movement of the viola part of the 5th quartet stops in the middle of a phrase, and the last 60 bars of the movement’s manuscript page are just empty staves.

In the early 2000s, the Rantatie Quartet asked Anssi Mattila to reconstruct the missing II violin part. Now these quartets are finally available as published materials. Buy now